8 Tips for Maintaining Yoga Clothes

8 Tips for Maintaining Yoga Clothes


Yoga clothes are made of high-functional fabrics. We can only prolong their service life by cleaning and maintaining them frequently. This article will specifically introduce 8 techniques for maintaining yoga clothes.

 8 tips for maintaining yoga clothes

Yoga suits are indispensable equipment for yoga exercises. If we want to use it many times, we must maintain the yoga clothes to extend its life. The following are 8 tips for maintaining yoga clothes.

Air Out Your yoga Clothes

After your workout, air dry your yoga clothes by hanging them outside. Never let your sweaty tank top stay crumpled in the depths of your gym bag. Not only is this one smelly mistake, but keeping a sweaty garment trapped in a bag or laundry basket for a long period of time can breed mold and mildew.

Care and clean

Most synthetic workout fabrics like polyester, Lycra, and spandex are machine washable in cold water, but extra care must be taken to preserve the shape, elasticity, and technical capabilities of each garment.
Separate and wash like with like items

Mixing and washing synthetics and pieces of cotton together can cause abrasion, resulting in greater wear and tear on your yoga fit clothing. Also, refrain from throwing in your dirty gym towel with your gym gear as the cotton fluff from the towel can cling to nylon and spandex. The same goes for anything with zippers or velcro, which can cause friction against delicate workout fabrics.

Wash in cold water

Hot water can cause shrinkage and decrease the performance of technical fabrics so it's ideal to wash your yoga sets in cold water.

Use less laundry detergent

It may be tempting to put in more detergent to get the sweat smell out, but it's better to use three-quarters of what you'd use for a normal load as the extra detergent can cling to your yoga suits.

Keep the fabric softener away

While we love the fresh scent of fabric softener, workout clothes and fabric softener are an unfortunate pair. Fabric softener breaks down the elasticity in stretchy fabrics like nylon and spandex. It also creates a barrier on the garment, which traps in odors and clogs the pores of technical fabrics, decreasing their moisture-wicking capabilities.

Dry and repeat

After washing, it’s important to hang your yoga sets and let them air dry because heat from the dryer can damage technical fabrics and cause your clothes to change in shape. 


After drying, fold it and put it in a cabinet for storage. Otherwise, put it in the living room or other places, it is easy to be contaminated with dust.

If you don't wear yoga clothes continuously, you should pack them in a bag, and then when you wear them again, take them out, wash them again, and wear them in yoga class or at home.

If yoga clothes are not properly maintained, there may be a lot of stains or stains left, which will affect our daily use. If you still have doubts about the maintenance of yoga clothes after reading the above, you can contact us for more detailed information and solutions.

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