9 Common Fabrics for Yoga Pants

9 Common Fabrics for Yoga Pants


Only when we truly understand the fabric characteristics of yoga pants, can we choose the most suitable yoga pants for our actual use. This article will specifically introduce the nine common fabrics of yoga pants.

nine common fabrics for yoga pants

The fabric of yoga pants directly determines the performance and use of yoga pants. We must understand the characteristics of various materials when purchasing so that we can choose the most suitable yoga pants. The following are nine common fabrics for yoga pants.


Polyester often makes up a large fiber percentage in yoga pants, and for good reason. It’s a very light fabric with amazing durability, despite its weight. It also has amazing sweat-wicking abilities, making it practically a must-have for your yoga pants. By itself, it is far less breathable than other fabrics, but that’s why you only want a percentage of your fabric to be polyester.

Most yoga pants that use polyester, use somewhere between 80 and 90% and are usually combined with spandex or Lycra.


Spandex (elastane) is the fabric that is really going to give your yoga pants the stretch that you want. It is known for its ability to stretch to extreme length and then snap right back to its original form. It’s not quite as durable as polyester, and it tends to be less flattering as well, so it’s typically used together with other fabrics.

You will typically see 10-15% spandex used in the best yoga pants.


Lycra is actually the same thing as spandex. It’s just a trademarked fabric. Other patented fabrics can be difficult to find or are only purchasable through their respective companies. Luckily, Lycra is not one of those.
Lycra can be found everywhere you would typically purchase fabrics.


Rayon is a cheap, soft fabric that is common in athletic wear for its breathability. Many cheaper pairs of yoga pants use this fabric in place of polyester, but it’s not nearly as durable as polyester.


Nylon is an extremely durable and quick-drying, stretchy fabric. Tights, pantyhose, and athletic tights are often made with this material. It’s also fantastic in yoga clothes, but most of the best fabrics only use a small percentage of it. It tends to have trouble with color fading and changing.

Nylon spandex knits are popular in yoga pants for the high stretch, but they can be on the thinner side. Only use this fabric if you aren’t going to be too hard on your yoga pants.


Polypropylene is very similar to polyester, as they are both basically plastic, but polypropylene tends to dry much faster. Polyester is much easier to wash and care for, however. In general, polyester is better for the average person.

Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics tend to struggle less with odor. They are also less harsh on the environment, so if you’re ecology-conscious, these options may be the way to go.


Bamboo is an amazing fabric for yoga pants that has gained a lot of popularity recently. It is possibly the most well-rounded fabric on this list, as it meets all the criteria to make a great pair of yoga pants. Bamboo is also antimicrobial, so your clothes will smell far less after a hard workout. Bamboo is going to cost you much more than synthetic materials, however, so it’s up to you if you think it’s worth it.

Merino Wool

When you think of wool, you typically imagine thick, bulky winter clothing. Merino wool, however, is soft and moisture-wicking just like athletic wear needs to be. This makes it a great choice if you want a thicker, warmer pair of yoga pants for colder seasons.

The above-detailed introduction of the various fabrics of yoga pants will be of great help to us in choosing the right yoga pants. If after reading the above content, you feel that the help is not very effective, you can contact us for more detailed solutions.

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