6 Precautions for Cleaning Yoga Pants

6 Precautions for Cleaning Yoga Pants


Yoga pants are made of functional fabrics, so there are many things to pay attention to when cleaning. This article will specifically introduce the six precautions for cleaning yoga pants.

the six precautions for cleaning yoga pants

Yoga pants should be washed after each wear, as it collects bacteria and yeast spores from your skin. This bacteria will stay on the clothes and can multiply,it is not good for human health. In the process of cleaning yoga pants, we need to pay attention to the following items.

Skip the dryer

Synthetic materials, such as olefin, spandex and other materials used in long yoga pants, should always be washed in cold water. You should always skip the dryer, even at low temperature settings. Keep your pants away from direct heat (radiator), and dry them in the sun.

Wash it separately

Yoga leggings made of synthetic fibers cannot be washed with other clothing. Towels, jeans, and cotton T-shirts are especially contraindicated. Because cotton fibers produce lint that is attracted to synthetic fibers, these lint will form small balls or balls on the entire surface. Even when washing with similar fabrics, it is best to turn the trousers over to reduce friction on the outer layer.

Choose a gentle setting when machine washing

Washing yoga pants in the washing machine (remember, from the inside out) is completely fine. However, a gentle cycle and final rotation setting must be selected. This can avoid excessive wear or stretching of the fabric due to high-speed wringing.

Try to choose high-quality detergents

Using too much inferior detergent will cause a lot of foam, which will make your full length yoga pants feel stiff, sticky, and easy to breed bacteria and odors. Residual detergent can also cause skin irritation in some very sensitive areas.

Some bacteria attached to the fiber can produce peculiar smells, which may not be detected immediately after wearing. But as the bacteria stay on the fabric and grow, the next time you put on your clothes, the smell will be released when your body heats the fiber. If you do not clean your pants during the laundry process, the smell will remain. This is why you need high-quality detergents.

It is important to choose high-quality detergents that contain the enzymes needed to remove body oils and stains. Most detergents provide a list of ingredients on the label or on their website. Look for these enzymes that can solve most stains: protease removes protein stains; amylase removes carbohydrate stains; lipase removes oil stains; mannanase and pectinase remove mixed food stains. Pay attention to choosing detergents that contain cellulase, as it helps reduce pilling.

Avoid using fabric softeners

Although the use of fabric softeners can make the fabric feel softer, the remaining chemicals will reduce the moisture absorption of the fabric. This means that the fabric cannot absorb the sweat from your skin and make it evaporate. If you wear yoga pants for yoga and sweat, you will feel very uncomfortable.

An extra tip

If you have yoga pants that need to be hemmed, wash them first to allow for shrinkage before you have them altered.

Even if you don't plan to wear the yoga pants again soon, don't leave them in a gym bag or even wadded up in the hamper because this gives bacteria and germs more of a chance to grow. If you want to know more about yoga pants after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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