What Characteristics Do Yoga Clothes Need to Have?

What Characteristics Do Yoga Clothes Need to Have?


Wearing professional yoga clothes can help our yoga practice to the greatest extent, so it is very important to choose high-quality yoga clothes. Let's understand the characteristics of yoga clothes.

the characteristics of yoga clothes

Our goal is to improve and shape the body through yoga practice, and ultimately help us gain inner peace. Wearing professional yoga clothes can guarantee the results of our yoga practice to the greatest extent. If the yoga clothes we choose do not have the following characteristics, there is no guarantee that we will maintain a good state when practicing yoga.

Flexible function

The elasticity of the fabric, that is, the elastic elongation and the elastic recovery of the stretch. This test standard may be difficult for everyone to understand. We can directly look at the fabric composition table of yoga clothes. When the content of spandex (elastic fiber like a rubber band) must be greater than 15%, the elasticity of such yoga clothes can meet the needs of sports. A good yoga wear spandex can even reach 39%. As for the elastic recovery rate, it depends on the quality of spandex.

Moisture absorption and quick-drying

There are two kinds of moisture absorption and quick-drying. One is that the raw yarn of yoga clothes has the function of moisture absorption and quick drying. These are very high-quality yarns. There is also a yoga suit with moisture absorption and quick-drying additives. 

Nowadays, the cheap yoga clothes on the market are added with moisture-absorbing and quick-drying additives. This function has a certain effect on brand new clothes, but it is useless after washing a few times.


We sweat very easily during yoga, if the fabric of yoga clothes does not have the function of antibacterial and antibacterial, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause the clothes to smell.

Generally, fabrics with moisture absorption and quick-drying function have a certain antibacterial effect. The best fabric material is nylon (nylon) + spandex containing silver ions because the nylon material containing silver ions has good moisture absorption and quick-drying functions, and antibacterial and surface suppression functions.

Reasonable design

Yoga clothes are clothes worn close to the body, especially the private parts of the body must have a reasonable design, in order to avoid some sudden embarrassment during practice. Women's yoga clothes must have chest pads, and the "triangle" parts of women must also undergo special treatment.

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