How to Choose the Right Yoga Clothes for Hot Yoga?

How to Choose the Right Yoga Clothes for Hot Yoga?


Hot yoga will cause practitioners to stay in a high-temperature state for a long time. We need to choose suitable yoga clothes to keep cool and comfortable. Let's take a look at how to choose the right hot yoga clothes.

how to choose the right yoga top

Hot yoga classes are conducted in an environment of 90 degrees to 100 degrees or more. In class, it is normal to hear sweat ticking on the mat. Because of this high temperature and a lot of sweating, you may be wondering what kind of yoga clothes to wear can help you cool down and maintain a good exercise state.

Looking for moisture-wicking exercise fabric

The fabric that dries quickly and absorbs moisture is your good helper in hot yoga classes. Try to avoid wearing 100% cotton yoga clothes, as it will retain sweat and make your clothes heavier.

Look for yoga pants, yoga tops, and yoga sports bras made from fabrics popular in sportswear. These elastic and comfortable garments with perspiration ability can quickly absorb excess water while reducing the chance of sweat stains and odors.

Many labels on yoga clothes indicate that it is moisture-wicking or breathable. Generally, these types of fabrics are made of lightweight materials, such as mesh or polyester, which are the main force in durable and wrinkle-free fitness clothing.

Yoga clothes made by DMM are made of innovative polyester fabrics designed to help you wick away sweat, stay dry and comfortable so that you can stretch without limits.

Choosing a yoga vest and yoga sports bra

Whether wearing only a yoga vest or a yoga sports bra, many yoga practitioners will choose to minimize the area of yoga clothing.

If you want to wear a vest over a sports bra, please choose a more personal one. Yoga poses require your body to twist and bend over, and wearing loose clothing will cause it to move around.

Choosing a yoga vest instead of a shirt with sleeves will allow your shoulders and arms to move freely. In addition, many vests offer built-in sports bras.

Choose long pants and leggings

In most yoga classes, wearing shorts is an obvious way to stay cool. But for hot yoga, leggings and trousers may bring some benefits.

Wearing shorts to a hot yoga class means that your legs will sweat, making certain leg-holding positions or arm balance more difficult. Wearing leggings comes in handy in many positions, such as your arms on your legs. Tights can provide grip and keep your legs balanced on your triceps.

Choose a lightweight, dry fabric that allows your legs to move freely. In addition, choose a style with a tapered bottom of the pants. You will want your clothes to stay in place so that you can focus on breathing and get into the posture correctly.

Also, if you want to buy new yoga pants, please try them on and perform a bending test. Bend forward to ensure that the back is not too tight or the fabric is too transparent.

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