What Should We Pay Attention to when Maintaining Yoga Clothes?

What Should We Pay Attention to when Maintaining Yoga Clothes?


Yoga clothes use functional fabrics and high-end designs, which are very different from the maintenance methods of general sports and fitness clothes. Today let’s talk about the precautions for maintaining yoga clothes.

the precautions for maintaining yoga clothes

There are many new users who do not know how to clean and maintain the yoga clothes properly after purchasing them, which leads to problems such as deformation and dyeing of the yoga clothes, which will greatly reduce the service life of the yoga clothes. DMM will share with you the precautions for maintaining yoga clothes, hoping to help you to a certain extent.

1. The newly purchased yoga clothes must be gently washed with clean water to remove the floating color and then dried before wearing. Clean water can be used for the first time. No detergent such as washing powder is needed for the first time. The clothes have a fixing agent. Washing can strengthen the dyeing. Make the fixed toner more stable.

2. Be especially careful not to directly wear unwashed yoga clothes to go to high-temperature yoga. A lot of sweat will decompose the fixative in the clothes and cause the clothes to fade. Moreover, when practicing yoga, the pores will open and the color of the clothes will easily invade the skin.

3. For daily cleaning, hand-washing in cold water is the best, and the maximum water temperature should not exceed 30℃. After a lot of sweating, please wash and dry as soon as possible or keep it well ventilated. If you are using a washing machine, please put it in the laundry bag first and turn it over to wash. Gentle washing is recommended.

4. Be sure to wash the dark and light colors separately, soak for 1-2 minutes, and don't soak for a long time; it is best to use color protection or underwear washing liquid, and do not put it in hot and humid places, do not dry and iron, do not Add bleach, fluffing agent, or laundry detergent and softener containing bleaching ingredients; please put it flat and dry as soon as possible after cleaning.

5. The fabrics of yoga clothes are very professional and high-end. The more high-end yoga clothes fabrics, the less heavy fixatives (such as formaldehyde) will be used, so there will be a little fading during washing (especially the first washing or Bright colors will be more obvious), as long as the clothes are dried and the color of the clothes is as new and no mottles appear, it is normal.

6. Maintain according to the characteristics of different fabrics.

The styles of fabrics are classified as follows:

Cotton: good moisture absorption, soft hand feel, hygienic and comfortable to wear; poor wrinkle resistance, large shrinkage rate, and easy deformation.


(1) Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, so as not to reduce the fastness and cause fading.

(2) Wash and dry, and store dark and light yoga clothes separately.

(3) Pay attention to ventilation and avoid damp and mildew.

Line fabric: breathable, cool and non-sticky; rough hand feeling, easy to pilling, easy to wrinkle, easy to generate static electricity.

Maintenance method: basically the same as cotton fabric.

Spandex: It is mainly used to make elastic fabrics, which is very suitable for yoga clothes

Polyester: high strength, good elasticity, the strength is 4 times that of cotton. The elasticity is close to wool, and it has a good heat resistance and thermal stability. It is the best among synthetic fiber fabrics.

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