What Should We Pay Attention to when We Wash Yoga Pants Daily?

What Should We Pay Attention to when We Wash Yoga Pants Daily?


If you want to keep yoga pants in good condition and prolong their service life, we must pay attention to many problems during the cleaning process. Today let’s talk about the precautions for cleaning yoga pants.

the precautions for cleaning yoga pants

As a kind of functional clothing, yoga pants are not only professional equipment for practicing yoga, but also a daily trend item for many women. Because we often wear yoga pants, it will accumulate a lot of stains and bacteria, so we need to use the following methods to properly clean the yoga pants, in order to make the fabric structure not be damaged.

Do not wash yoga pants with towels, denim, and clothing with zippers

The ideal situation for washing yoga pants is to separate your clothes and wash similar fabrics. You can definitely wash your yoga pants with other clothes, but you should note that towels, denim, and things with zippers cannot be mixed with yoga pants. Because towels and denim are very rough, if they rub during the washing process, they may damage the sports fabric, and the zippers may hang on the yoga pants. This is why it is always recommended to separate these items when washing any technical fabrics.

Wash yoga pants from the inside out

Cleaning yoga pants from the inside out has two major benefits. First of all, all your sweat and body oil will accumulate on the inside of yoga pants, so by washing from the inside out, you can let the washing powder directly touch the surface that needs cleaning the most. Secondly, yoga pants are not only functional clothing but also a fashion item. By washing them from the inside out, you can help maintain the color and style of the outer layer of the pants and make them look long-lasting.

Wash yoga pants in cold water

Most of the washing instructions on the label of yoga pants recommend washing in cold water. This is usually because washing with cold water can prevent yoga pants from shrinking and fading, thereby extending the life of yoga pants. This also brings the added benefit of environmental protection, because washing clothes in cold water can reduce the carbon footprint by more than 864 pounds per year.

Use the correct detergent

If you use the right detergent, your yoga pants will be fresh and clean every time you wash them. What is the correct detergent? If you end up washing with cold water, you need a washing powder specially formulated for cold water washing.

In addition, if you have sensitive skin, you need a detergent specifically designed for sensitive skin, especially because yoga pants cling to your skin, and any residue left by your detergent will definitely irritate your skin.

Air dry your yoga pants

Unless you are really in a hurry, you really shouldn't put sportswear or yoga pants in the dryer. Doing so will run the risk of shrinking and deterioration faster than usual, both of which will damage the fabric structure.

Air-dry yoga pants after washing to keep yoga pants fresh and comfortable. It is best to lay them flat to dry-you may need to turn them a few times to completely dry them.

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