What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Self-use Yoga Clothes?

What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Self-use Yoga Clothes?


This article will share with you some suggestions for choosing self-use yoga clothes for your reference.

some suggestions for choosing self-use yoga clothes

When choosing yoga clothes, many people only pay attention to the shape of yoga clothes and ignore their functional characteristics and their actual needs, which leads to some misunderstandings. We share the suggestions for choosing yoga clothes for your own use below for your reference.

The choice of yoga bras

There are mostly two types of yoga bras, one is a double shoulder strap and the other is an I-shaped. The style of the double shoulder straps can easily cause the shoulder straps to slip off during the exercise. It is always necessary to constantly pull up the shoulder straps, which interferes with practice. The I-shaped style is much more stable than the double shoulder straps, and it is not easy to fall off, and the wider shoulder straps have a large stress area and are more comfortable to wear.

The choice of yoga pants

Good yoga pants need to have the following characteristics:

(1) High comfort, but not too loose.

(2) It has good elasticity and strong wrapping, and has the effect of lifting buttocks and stovepipe.

(3) Good perspiration and breathability, you can choose cotton or viscose material.

(4) Adopt 3D three-dimensional cutting process to avoid embarrassing situations.

It is not recommended to buy yoga pants with bloomers or straight pants. These so-called comfortable yoga pants will only hinder your practice. These yoga pants are not conducive to you and your yoga teacher to observe your leg movements, so you can't judge whether your movements are standard or not.

The choice of yoga tops

When shopping for a yoga top, elasticity is the number one factor. Most of the yoga movements need to stretch and extend the body, and the range is large. If you don't choose an elastic yoga top, it is easy to stretch your hands and feet. And we also need to pay special attention to whether the fabric of the yoga clothes will be transparent, so as to avoid some embarrassing things that may happen when doing movements.

Choosing tight-fitting clothes can prevent you from running out, and you don't have to worry about the clothes sliding down and affecting your movements. If you wear a loose yoga top, it is easy to slide back and forth, especially when you are practicing inversions, which will be more inconvenient, and the clothes will slide right down, exposing your chest.

Sweat is inevitable when practicing yoga, so you can choose a fabric with better breathability and perspiration for yoga clothes. The sweat-absorbing and perspiration-wicking functions of viscose and cotton fabrics are better, while the pure cotton clothes we wear in our daily life are not suitable for practicing yoga.

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