Textile power at the Winter Olympics

Textile power at the Winter Olympics


In the Beijing Winter Olympics, textile elements are everywhere. Therefore, this issue will introduce some textile elements in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Textile power at the Winter Olympics

The successful holding of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will play a unique role in promoting high-quality development, promoting the integration of culture, sports and tourism, and building a new development pattern. The textile industry is a culture-led fashion industry and a responsibility-oriented green industry, which coincides with the concept advocated by the Beijing Winter Olympics. In the Beijing Winter Olympics, textile elements are everywhere. Therefore, this issue will introduce some textile elements in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Graphene heating backpack

In winter environments, graphene materials play a huge role. Low-temperature environment graphene intelligent heating products and thermal protection application technology can meet the needs of personnel and on-site professional equipment for keeping warm in the low-temperature environment of the Winter Olympics, and break through key technologies such as low-temperature startup and operation of graphene flexible fabric heating materials, and rapid electro-thermal conversion. Realize the low temperature application of graphene flexible fabric heating technology.

Using the graphene heating device, the broadcast equipment can be turned on normally at minus 20°C.


Waste removal team clothes set

On February 12 and 13, it continued to snow in Zhangjiakou area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The waste removal and maintenance team of Genting Stadium dispatched nearly 200 waste removal service workers to shovel ice, remove snow and clean the road to ensure the smooth completion of waste removal and other tasks.


The outerwear design draws on the detachable function of outdoor storm jacket, and is matched with a detachable cold-proof coat and trousers to meet the operation requirements under the great temperature difference. The outerwear fabric is made of RPET (recycled material of beverage bottles), which has good waterproof and antifouling effect.


Warm flocculus

The uniform insulation material for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics is multi-dimensional heat storage and thermal insulation sheet, 70% of which is made of a variety of functional polyester staple fiber and 30% of which is made of a mixture of functional nylon staple fiber.

These multi-functional staple fibers can absorb converted light energy and human heat energy and can achieve long-term heat storage. At the same time, the lightweight, soft, good rebound and good moisture absorption characteristics of functional staple fibers improve the comfort of thermal wadding.

ski suit

The single-person sled is similar to the steel frame sled, but the competitor's posture is completely opposite during the competition, with their heads facing back and feet forward, lying on their backs and sliding on the sled. The fastest speed can reach 140 kilometers per hour, which is also a very exciting race. sports. The equipment used by the players includes ski suits, gloves, helmets, special shoes and sleds.


The ski suit is a tight-fitting top and bottom style, made of elastic synthetic material, waterproof and breathable, and fully considers the issue of air resistance. The material of the gloves is delicate and soft, and there are sharp nails on the fingertips, which is convenient for players to push and grasp the ice surface and gain forward momentum in the starting stage. The competition shoes are very light and have a smooth surface with special zippers that allow the runners to straighten their feet and reduce drag while gliding. The helmet is also lightweight, made of fiberglass or synthetic material, and has a glass visor that pulls down to cover the entire face. The sled is mainly made of fiberglass and steel. The overall structure is from bottom to top, which are 2 sled blades, 2 sled solids, 2 connecting bridges, and sled seat boards.

Medal Ribbon

This year's Winter Olympics medal sash is woven by Wansili silk with ingenuity. The sash has three characteristics: First, the fabric is tough and stiff, and can withstand 90 kilograms without breaking. In any previous Olympic Games, the material of the medal ribbon is mostly polyester, which is convenient to manufacture and easy to care for. This Winter Olympics finally chose to use 100% silk as the ribbon material, using the thinnest 6A-grade silk, merging 6 2022 silks into one as the weft, after thousands of tests, and finally weaving it into five pieces with a thickness of 24 mm Organization of sambo forging. This new material not only has super strong weight, but also makes the thin and soft silk become wider and more stylish.


Second, the application of high-tech green technology, the printing color will not fade for a long time. Through the use of artificial intelligence image recognition and processing technology and the high-precision positioning capability of the system, the technicians finally achieved the printing weft and skewness control within 1%, that is, the printing error was controlled within 0.1 mm. In the ribbon manufacturing process, the new technology of GBART green printing and dyeing based on color digitization is also incorporated, and the dyes and silk fabrics are specially treated so that they can be firmly fixed on the fabric fibers. This technology not only achieves 99% color reproducibility, but also eliminates the washing process compared to traditional printing technology, reducing pollutants such as sewage and ammonia nitrogen, and catering to the concept of green Winter Olympics.


Third, the small details hide the big things, and show solemnity and elegance everywhere. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics medal ribbons are woven with "ice and snow patterns". In order to make each "ice and snow pattern" more three-dimensional, the weaving draws on the craft inspiration of the intangible cultural heritage Song brocade, making the characteristic ice plum pattern extremely three-dimensional art.

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