Why Do We All Have to Have a Down Jacket in Cold Weather?

Why Do We All Have to Have a Down Jacket in Cold Weather?


This article will share with you the reasons and advantages of choosing down jackets, hoping to give you some reference opinions.

The down jacket achieves a good thermal insulation effect in cold weather because there is a mutual gap between the down and the down, which can form a thermal layer separated from the outside world. Conversely, the hot air inside is not easy to get outside. Thus, the temperature is maintained. Next, let's talk about the specific advantages of choosing down jackets.

1. Low thermal conductivity

There are three ways of heat transfer, heat conduction, convection conduction, and radiation conduction. Our daily warmth is to hinder heat conduction. The lower the heat conduction rate, the better the heat preservation is when the heat is firmly locked around the body. Down has the lowest thermal conductivity (5.93), wool (7) is 15% higher than down, and cotton (9.72) is 40% higher than down.

2. High thermal insulation rate

For the insulation rate, down is 81%, wool is slightly lower at 75%, and cotton is only 63%! This also explains why down jackets are more popular the more you go to colder places.

3. High bulkiness

The same 1 cubic centimeter of fiber material, if the expanded volume is larger, it means that it is more fluffy, the higher the fluffy degree, the more air can be locked, and the better the warmth retention. The unfolded volume of down can be as high as 383 cubic centimeters, three times that of wool (101 cubic centimeters), and five times that of cotton (77 cubic centimeters).

4. Lightweight

Down weighs the lightest, 1 cubic centimeter of down weighs only 1.14g, wool is 1.32g, cotton is 1.54g, 35% heavier than down!

5. Strong hygroscopicity

An adult normally emits 100g of sweat in one night. As an animal fiber, down has many triangular pores and the surface contains waterproof grease, which can quickly absorb human sweat and dissipate it, keeping the quilt clean and the human body dry. The hygroscopic performance of down is better than 15% higher wool and 50% higher than a quilt. Sleeping without sweating, the quilt is not firm, and long-term use can also prevent rheumatism.

The degree of warmth retention of a down jacket is mainly related to the amount of down filling. Many people will have some misunderstandings in the selection, thinking that the heavier the weight of the down jacket, the higher the amount of down filling. The weight of the down jacket is not equal to the amount of the down jacket. We cannot simply judge the thermal performance of the down jacket by the weight of the down jacket.

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