How to Judge the Quality of Down Jacket?

How to Judge the Quality of Down Jacket?


This article will specifically share the factors that need to be considered when choosing down jackets to help you better judge the quality of down jackets.

the factors that need to be considered when choosing down jackets

When we choose a down jacket, the first consideration is its warmth, which also determines the cold resistance and quality of the down jacket. Below we share the factors that determine the warmth of down jackets, so that you can make better choices in the future.


Down jackets get their name from the stuffed down, mainly goose down and duck down. Feather refers to the fur piece, and down refers to the plush under the goose/duck belly, which has a certain waterproof and warm effect. Under the same conditions, the warmth retention of goose down is slightly higher than that of duck down. This is because the long fiber of goose down makes it more bulky and warmer, while duck down has short fibers, which affects the warmth retention.

Some certificates will indicate colors such as white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, and gray duck down. In terms of thermal insulation, the effect of color is not great, and it is more a combination of shades and colors of clothing fabrics.

Cashmere content

The fluff content refers to the proportion of the fluff filled in the clothes to all the stuffing. Under the same conditions, the higher the cashmere content, the better the thermal insulation effect. The down jacket content of high-end down jackets can reach 90%.

According to the national standards for down jackets in my country, the down jacket content must not be less than 50%. It is worth noting that 80% is a demarcation point. For those above 80%, the hair on the breast and abdomen of goose and duck is generally used. For those below 80%, the hair under the wings of goose/duck is generally used. There is a big difference, the price of raw materials and even the difference in multiples.

Down filling

The amount of down filling refers to the actual content of down in the Yucheng suit, which is related to the size, length, style and other factors of the clothes. The higher the amount of down filling, the better the thermal performance of the down jacket.

Generally, the short down jackets that you buy in shopping malls for daily use are in the range of 80-120 grams, and the long down jackets are in the range of 110-140 grams. If it is professional outdoor sports requirements, such as extreme conditions (-50 to -20 degrees), the cashmere content reaches more than 300 grams, and the cold conditions (-30 to -15 degrees), the cashmere filling amount is about 200-300g.


Bulkiness is an important indicator for measuring the warmth of down in the world, which refers to the value of cubic inches of volume occupied by each ounce (30 grams) of down under certain conditions. China's implementation in September 2016 was formulated and launched by the China Down Industry Association.

The "Down and Down Grading Standard" also uses the bulkiness as the classification standard, which is divided into five grades from "A" to "AAAAA". There is a saying that the amount of cashmere and cashmere content represent the "quantity" of cashmere, while the bulkiness determines the "quality" of cashmere. In the case of the same amount of fleece, the higher the bulkiness, the better the thermal insulation function.

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