How to Properly Wash Down Jackets?

How to Properly Wash Down Jackets?


In this article, DMM introduces the steps and precautions for cleaning down jackets in detail, hoping to give you some reference opinions.

the factors that need to be considered when choosing down jackets

A down jacket is a garment filled with bird down such as duck or goose down. Down feather-filled products have the characteristics of warmth and lightness, so thermal clothing, bedding, and sleeping bags are usually filled with down feathers.

Washing down jackets can be a real hassle because strong cleaners can damage the down and down jackets must be thoroughly dried to regain their previous warmth. The following is a detailed introduction to the steps and precautions for correct cleaning of down jackets, hoping to help you.


1. Read the wash label

If the down jacket has special cleaning and maintenance methods, the manufacturer will print it on the laundry label of the garment.

The wash label will tell you whether the garment should be hand-washed, machine washed on a special wash program or sent to a professional laundromat.

If the down jacket isn't very dirty, just pre-cleaning is enough, and you probably don't hand wash or wash the entire garment.

2. Secure all hooks and fasteners

Wet-down jackets can be easily torn, so be careful not to let the fasteners on the clothes get caught or pulled when washing.

3. Remove part of dust and dirt

Wipe the dust and other dirt on the surface of the down jacket with a clean and dry cloth. Doing this makes the down jacket a little easier to wash since large chunks of dirt or obvious dust have already been cleaned up ahead of time.

4. Topical treatment of stubborn dirt

Pure soap or special detergent for down jackets will not destroy the natural oils of down jackets, making them brittle, so they are suitable for topical cleaning of small pieces of dirt on down jackets. Pour a small amount of detergent on the stained area, such as stubborn dirt or sweat, or oil, and let the detergent soak the cloth for 15 minutes.

Before washing your down jacket, pre-treating visible localized soils can help break up the stains and make them easier to wash off.

5. Soak the down jacket in warm water

Fill the bathtub, laundry tub, or sink with warm water. Put the down jacket in the water, stir it a few times with your hands, and let the down jacket soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

Soaking before the actual wash removes some of the dirt, dust, and cleaning agents leftover from pre-cleaning.

After soaking, push the down jacket away from the drain to drain the dirty water. Finally, gently squeeze the water out of the down jacket.

Machine wash

1. Before adding detergent, clean the detergent dispenser box

Ordinary detergent left in the tank from the last wash can cause damage to the down feathers, so you should wipe the tank clean with a cloth before doing the laundry.

Pour the special detergent for down jackets into the cleaned tank. The dosage of detergent can refer to the recommendations of the detergent or washing machine manufacturer.

Detergents used in spot cleaning can also be used for washing in the washing machine.

2. After putting the down jacket into the washing machine, you can set the washing program

Down jackets must be washed separately, otherwise, they will be tangled or tangled with other clothes. Before pressing the start button, choose cold water, gentle, hand wash, or wool wash with a small amount of laundry.

Only a front-loading washing machine or a high-efficiency upright washing machine without a stirrer can be used to wash down jackets. Stirring sticks can cause the down jacket to tear.

3. Wash the down jacket for the second time

When the first washing cycle is completed, wash the down jacket again to completely remove the residual detergent.

Hand wash

1. Fill a large sink with water and pour in the detergent

If the down jacket's wash label recommends hand washing, or if you're afraid the washing machine will ruin your clothes, then honestly do it by hand. Fill the sink with cold water and pour the recommended amount of down detergent. You can wash down jackets in a large sink, laundry tub, or bathtub.

2. Soak the down jacket

Press the down jacket to the bottom of the water to fully absorb the detergent solution. Then gently stir the clothes back and forth in the water with your hands to let the dirt get into the water, and finally soak for 15 minutes.

The down jacket will become wet and heavy after soaking up water. Do not lift the clothes at this time, because the clothes may be torn.

If your down jacket is really expensive, and you're worried about washing it, it's best to take it to a dry cleaner. Dry cleaners' cleaning methods are less damaging to clothing fibers.

3. Wash the down jacket

After 15 minutes, push the down jacket to the side of the sink to expose the water hole and empty the dirty water. At this time, you don't need to pick up the clothes, just put them down on your jacket and the sink in the running water.

4. Soak again

Fill the sink with water and soak the down jacket for 10 minutes. Then, push the down jacket aside to expose the water hole and let off the dirty water. Pour some more water on the down jacket and rinse off any residual detergent.

5. Squeeze off excess water

Squeeze the water out of the down jacket by hand, then lift it to dry.

Airing or drying down jackets

1. Dry and dehydrate the down jacket many times

It takes a long time to dehydrate the down jacket, but this is also to minimize the humidity of the clothes.

When the second wash is complete, dehydrate the down jacket 2 to 3 more times. If possible, dehydrate each time faster than the last time.

If you don't have a washing machine, squeeze the water out with your hands. Don't squeeze the water like twisting a twist, that will damage the down. Spread the drained down jacket on a radiator to dry or hang it to dry.

2. Dry the clothes on low heat

After the dehydration is complete, put the down jacket in the dryer along with 2 to 3 clean tennis balls. The tennis ball will be tumbled in the dryer with the clothes, fluffing the down in the clothes. The "thumping" of the tennis ball on the clothes can prevent the down from sticking together and help the down jacket regain its soft feel.

Down jackets may take up to 3 hours to dry completely, but do not set the drying temperature from low to high. Too high a temperature will bake some parts of the down jacket.

The reason why manufacturers recommend drying down jackets with a tumble dryer is that it takes a long time to dry naturally, which may cause the clothes to become moldy and smelly. However, if you don't have a dryer, you can only dry the down jacket on a radiator, or hang it to dry.

3. While drying, loosen down feathers

During the drying process, every 30 minutes, you have to take out the down jacket and shake it a few times to loosen the down feathers. Drying is complete when the down feathers are no longer clumped and the garment is soft and light again.

Even if you choose to dry the down jacket with a radiator or dry it naturally, you still need to pick up the garment every 30 minutes and shake it a few times to loosen the caked down feathers inside.

4. Hang the down jacket to dry

When the down jacket is completely dry, give it a final shake and hang it in a ventilated place. After two or three hours, you can put the down jacket on or put it away.

Never compress a wet down jacket, as that will destroy the warmth of the garment.

What we should pay attention to is that the down jacket must be cleaned regularly to play its role as much as possible, but the frequency of cleaning should not exceed twice a year.

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