How to Match Cargo Pants?

How to Match Cargo Pants?


Cargo pants seem to be everywhere these days. This functional and stylish pant has undergone many tweaks and updates to make it modern enough for 2022. Here are some ways to wear cargo pants to make you look more on-trend.

Cargo pants seem to be everywhere these days. Filled with the necessary variety of pockets, this practical and stylish pant has undergone many tweaks and updates to make it modern enough for 2022. Here are some ways to wear cargo pants to make you look more fashionable.

1. Pair with a tie-dye shirt

If you really want to make sure your cargo pants are at their peak in 2022, all you need to do is wear a tie-dye top. A top, a bag, a mask, and overalls will make you look very bright. Here's why: This year's hottest styles are guaranteed to elevate any outfit into the realm of fashion.

2. Pair with a smooth leather

Worried that cargo pants might be too rough for your style? Pair them with smooth leather (or faux leather). Smooth fabrics will add a feminine touch to military silhouettes—whether you're trying sand, black, or fire red. Add a puff-sleeved shirt for a feminine touch.

3. Pair with combat boots

On paper, the combo of combat boots and overalls sounds like you're fully clothed and ready to go to war. But when the aforementioned pants taper at the ankle and the boots have a large enough (but still walkable) heel, the pair looks stylish and sophisticated. Just put on a shearling coat and you can go to dinner.

4. Try an unexpected detail

And you get the maximum wear if you treat any overalls that you would like any other pants. So don't avoid a pair of cargo pants with a personality. The trick here is to keep everything else in your outfit pretty simple—just pair it with a white tee and heels—this way your pants can complete all the matching.

5. Pair with a patterned knit

Show the world that you're not afraid of cargo pants and pair it with an oversized sweater, like a poppy-print sweater, or even a bold print or abstract pattern. You can also test out an unconventional color combination--like trying green cargo pants with a bright purple or light blue top.

6. Put on a work jumpsuit

To really play with these practical vibes, try a jumpsuit full of pockets. Be sure to pair it with your accessories, including heeled boots and luxurious bags. And just wear a sturdy t-shirt or turtleneck underneath to accentuate your figure easily.

7. Show some ankles

It's not just the tailored fit of the pants that we love; it also adds jeweled buttons to the pockets. Yes, they match jewel-encrusted heels with a T-shirt. The theme here is wearable glamour. A black turtleneck and leather jacket help temper the brilliance of this look, which means you can confidently wear it out of the house at 9 am without looking like you just stumbled home from the club.

8. Pair with leopard stuff

We've always claimed leopard print is unisex, but this outfit undeniably proves that fact. The speckled blazer looks so casually worn over two basics - a simple tee and cargo pants. Okay, although the combination is very simple, these loud cargo pant does prove capable of elegantly sharing the spotlight with the rest of this leopard-print outfit.

9. Roll up the hem

Feel like your cargo pants are just a little too long? Rather than taking them straight to the tailor, consider rolling them. On tapered styles, this adds more balance to your lower half and looks great with lace-up sandals.

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