Automated production of clothing printing process

Automated production of clothing printing process


Automated printing equipment has greatly promoted the efficiency of workers.

With the development of technology, the printing market is becoming more intelligent, lower cost and more efficient. Printing is one of the most popular styles, young people love personalized and different styles.Whether it is t shirts in summer or puffer jackets in winter, printing is a process that is often used.

As we all know, the printing process on cotton is various and mature, but the printing on polyester has always faced several challenges: the color depth and clarity are not enough, the color is easy to seep, the printing part feels hard and so on, and the industry is concerned about whether the color will shift after printing. Although screen printing and offset lithography can solve some printing on polyester T-shirts, there are still many problems. For example, knitting polyester clothing patterns will crack after pulling; Large areas of hot stamping will lead to airtight T-shirts; Sweating after exercise can cause the print to stick to the body... And so on.

Currently focused on the garment cuttings/oval screen printing and digital printing frontier technology innovation, from screen printing to screen digital hybrid printing and garment printing, with unprecedented complete product complete, fully meet the garment printing the changing requirements of all aspects of the value chain to solve the garment printing in the industrialized continuous production of artificial and efficiency, so to save time and effort.

The rise of automatic digital printing quietly, high production efficiency, can expand the number of work stations, fast loading and unloading platform, clothing and cutting printing scene seamless switch; Assembly line operation mode, matching a variety of printing process needs; Focus on cutting screen printing, to achieve more automatic station expansion, to ensure high production capacity printing at the same time matching a variety of printing processes, quality comparable to the international first-class level.

The principle of automatic digital printing technology enables its products to break the limitation of traditional production of color matching and length of flow back, to achieve high-grade printing effect of textile fabrics, and to break through the limitation of traditional textile printing and dyeing pattern matching. Especially in the printing of color gradient, moire and other high-precision patterns, digital printing has incomparable advantages in technology, pure machine operation, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production.As an excellent puffer jacket&down jacket supplier, we are equipped with advanced printing equipment.

Dongmumu garment is a clothing supplier of factory, who has more than ten years of experience, has a fully automatic production equipment, such as fully automatic printing machine, cotton/down feather filling machine, template machine, cutting machine and sewing machine, and specialize in production of puffer jacket  and down jacket, jackets and coats of a series of custom design. we will be advanced technology into our process, To ensure that we have a modern production process and first-class quality control system, all of which are supported by a strong merchandising team, and can complete mass production in a short time.