New multifunctional graphene

New multifunctional graphene


New eco-friendly thermal padding

Graphene is a new type of intelligent multi-functional composite fiber, it is currently the thinnest material and the highest strength in nature. At the same time it has a good elasticity and can stretch up to 20% of its own size.This composite fiber can integrate the functions of high heat, far-infrared health care, antibacterial and mite suppression, and is very suitable as a filler for winter down jackets and puffer jackets .

New multifunctional graphene material,in addition to the conventional characteristics of general fibers, the fiber also has the following main functions: activating immune cells, enhancing body functions, protecting against ultraviolet rays, improving micro-circulation,antibacterial, anti-static, keeping warm, etc. characteristic.

After the certification by relevant departments, the insulation capacity of graphene warm catkins reaches 0.72 Crowe, and has reached the standard filling as 550 down cotton.Graphene floc has high strength heat retention ,as a winter down jacket filling has a very large market demand, so the current in the textile and clothing industry attention,

Graphene cloth is a cloth produced by mixing graphene fiber with ordinary fiber.The cloth has the functions of graphene far infrared, antistatic, ultraviolet resistance, and releasing negative oxygen ions.Flexible heating materials for graphene textiles not only have excellent heat conduction performance, but also have the advantages of washing resistance, softness, lightness, comfort and durability of ordinary fabrics, which can be washed, rubbed and cut repeatedly .Among them are knitted graphene fabric, spongy graphene fabric, nylon graphene fabric, polyester taffeta graphene fabric, Oxford graphene fabric and so on.

Graphene fiber filament and short fiber have complete specifications. Short fiber can be mixed with natural fibers such as cotton wool and linen and other fibers such as polyester acrylic fiber. The filament can be interwoven with various fibers to prepare yarn fabrics with different functional needs.In the textile field, it can be made into graphene jacket, graphene down jacketgraphene puff jacket,graphene coatgraphene varsity jacketgraphene bomber jacketcasual warm graphene pants, outdoor clothing coat and so on.

When it comes to outdoor clothing coats, you will definitely think of the past 2022 Winter Olympics. When it comes to the Winter Olympics, many people's first reaction is that a word is cold, so they need graphene warm catkins.Graphene flexible heating materials has the characteristics of "safety, high efficiency and energy saving, body comfortable", during the Olympics, Beijing night outdoor temperature may reach 40℃, so the games staff provided the graphene heating down vest, hat, cotton, and pants, make them can get systemic thermal protection.

The above is an introduction to some characteristics and uses of the graphene thermal flake material. If you need clothing of this material, please contact us.

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