The Most Practical Tips for Storing Down Jackets

The Most Practical Tips for Storing Down Jackets


The storage of down jackets requires some skills. If it is not stored properly, it will have an odor when you wear it again, and the warmth will be reduced. How to store down jackets? Here are some storage tips for you!

When the weather gets warmer, many people start storing down jackets after washing. However, the storage of down jackets also requires skills. If the storage is not good, there will be an odor when you wear it again, and the warmth will be reduced. How can down jackets be preserved? Here are a few storage tips for you!

Talk about the storage method that is not recommended. The most common one is to put the down garment in a vacuum bag, draw out the air after packing, and flatten and crumple the down garment. Such a closed storage environment will affect the fiber elasticity of the down jacket itself so that the down jacket will not keep warm and will have a peculiar smell.

Organizing bags with a plastic wrap are also not recommended. The reason is the same. When storing down jackets containing animal fibers, you should choose a breathable waistband, such as a non-woven bag, in a ventilated place, not directly locked in the luggage. Here are three tips for storing down jackets.

Tip 1

Cut off the lanyard of the bath ball at home, and the bath ball will become a long net bag. Unzip the down jacket, turn it over from below, hide the sleeves and hat inside, then roll up the down jacket and put it in the net pocket. The mesh bag is very long and can hold a lot of down jackets. And the elasticity is very good. It can keep the down jacket very small and wrinkle-breathable.

Tip 2

Some down jackets are very thick and difficult to roll up, so some people will fold the down jacket and put it directly in the cabinet, and then put a pile of jeans and other ordinary clothes on it. But down jacket fabrics tend to be slippery. Such a pile of clothes would be very unstable and fall off easily. Just like a sandwich biscuit, a layer of the down jacket and a layer of regular clothing compresses space while remaining stable.

Tip 3

This tip is called the Swiss roll storage method. Just like we roll up our socks, put down the down jacket and fold the sleeves up to the chest. The hat is also tucked under the sleeves. Finally, pull down from the collar to the bottom of the down jacket.

The above describes the storage tips for down jackets. If you plan to buy down jackets, please contact us.

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